Pool Cleaning Service


We Service, You Enjoy

Our cleaning service goal is to allow our customers the simple joy of enjoying their swimming pools with no maintenance headaches. Our "Integrity" cleaning process is designed and executed with that ultimate goal. Adding your pool to our weekly pool service route will reduce your pool maintenance responsibilities to just a few simple tasks, allow you more time to enjoy your pool.

Our weekly service includes:

  • Check/ adjust all chemical levels
  • Empty all skimmer baskets
  • Empty all pump baskets
  • Empty automatic pool sweep
  • Empty leaf canister
  • Brush tiles, steps, walls as needed
  • Skim water surface
  • Vacuum pool
  • Backwash filter as needed
  • Check all equipment for proper operation
  • Adjust time clocks as needed
  • Skim water surface

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg


Our pool service technicians are CPO certified which means they have completed the required training and possess the knowledge to reduce risk and injury in all pool and spa operations. This is important because you don't want just anyone servicing your pool.